Palestinian gunman. (illustrative) (Nasser Ishtayeh/Flash90) Nasser Ishtayeh/Flash90
Palestinian gunman


On Shabbat morning, a Palestinian gunman shot at a synagogue in a small Jewish town in Samaria.

By United with Israel Staff

Around 7:30 am on Sabbath morning in Samaria, a Palestinian terrorist shot in the direction of a synagogue in the town of Chavot Yair.

According to eyewitness accounts published in the Israeli media, the shooters fired from “illegal structures” in the vicinity of an Arab village called Karvat Bani Hassan. No casualties were reported.

The Hebrew-language news site Kipah reported that the IDF arrived in the area of the shooting and soldiers were able to apprehend the shooter. The structure from which he shot is slated to be demolished, but remained standing this Sabbath.

The Kipah report quoted an IDF spokesperson’s statement, which said, “IDF soldiers searched the area and found six bags. Later, IDF and Shin Bet forces arrested the shooting suspect and located the weapon he used in his home in the village of Karwat Bani Hassan.”

Kipah reported that the shooting occurred two weeks after Palestinian terrorists entered a home in Chavot Yair where a woman was alone with her baby. She fought off the terrorists until security forces arrived and arrested one of the attackers.

The Israeli news site quoted Chavot Yair chairman, Amichai Itam, who said, “It is unthinkable that women and children live under constant threat to their lives. We expect the army to increase its presence…to prevent terrorists from carrying out attacks and illegal construction by Arabs in the area, which could further endanger the residents.”

Chavot Yair is situated in the hills of Samaria, around 25 minutes from Tel Aviv. Its residents include a prominent real estate lawyer and other professionals. In addition to around 30 private homes, at least one of which has a swimming pool, the town has a beautiful synagogue and community center, providing the core of this growing Torah-observant community.

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