Americans’ support for Israel is at an all time high, according to a poll measuring American sympathies between Israel and Palestinians. This information was released this week, coinciding with President Obama’s first visit to Israel as US president. 64 percent of the American public supports Israel, while only 12 percent of Americans support the Palestinians and only 23 percent of Americans are undecided. Gallup has noted that there has been a general trend within the American population to view Israel in a favorable light, while the number of Americans who were undecided about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has greatly declined.

Support for Israel is high among all Americans, regardless whether they are Democrats, Republicans or independents. More Democrats and independents support Israel this year than they did last year. In 2012, only 53 percent of Democrats sided with Israel, yet since then, that number has risen to 55 percent. Within the past year, the number of independents supporting Israel increased from 56 percent to 63 percent. Both last year and this year, 78 percent of Republicans stated that they support Israel. Republican support for Israel jumped from 62 percent in 2003 to 77 percent in 2006, probably largely because of Israel’s support for America’s war effort in Iraq. Thus, according to Gallop, “Majorities of all political as well as major demographic groups in America say they sympathize more with the Israelis than the Palestinians — with minor variations by gender, age, education level, and political orientation.”

Older Americans are the most likely to support Israel. 55 percent of Americans between 18 and 34 support Israel, while 65 percent of 35-54 year olds support Israel and 71 percent of those over the age of 55 support Israel. However, even among younger Americans, Gallup claims that reason why less young Americans support Israel is because more young Americans are undecided than older Americans are. Evidently, only 12 percent of young Americans support the Palestinians.

Regarding gender, 69 percent of American men support Israel and 11 percent of American men support the Palestinians, while 60 percent of American women support Israel and 12 percent of American women support the Palestinians. Educational level also influences whether one is more likely to support Israel or not. For Americans who never went to college, 65 percent support Israel while 8 percent support the Palestinians. 64 percent of Americans with some college support Israel, while 21 percent of such Americans support the Palestinians. 68 percent of Americans with just a bachelor’s degree support Israel, while only 13 percent support the Palestinians. Yet among Americans who have more education than just a bachelor’s degree, 61 percent support Israel while 20 percent support the Palestinians.

Consistent with attitudes in the past decade, Republicans are significantly more supportive of Israel than are Democrats, although the majority of all party groups tilt toward Israel. Younger Americans show less favoritism toward Israel than middle-aged adults and, in particular, seniors; however, they are no more likely to favor the Palestinians. They are simply less anchored about whom they favor. Palestinians receive the highest sympathy from Democrats, liberals, and postgraduates, but even among these, support tops off at 24%.”

By Rachel Avraham

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