A visit to the Beit El Winery in the biblical heartland of the Land of Israel is a unique and inspiring experience. Hugely popular American hasidic musical entertainer Avraham Fried recently took advantage of the opportunity.

“On the foothills of the mountain where Jacob dreamed his first dream, you’ll stand amid the Beit El Winery’s vineyards on terraces from the days of the Second Temple,” says the winery’s website.

The boutique winery is located in the territory of the tribe of Benjamin in the region of Judea and Samaria.

Planning a visit in advance, one could arrange to take a quick course on modern grape-growing and wine production. A guide will explain the history of the region as you explore, with a bible in hand, two ancient wine presses and an oil press in a cave.

“We always enjoy guests,” said owner Hillel Manne. “All our guests are special, but this week we had a visit from Avraham Fried! He was quick to point out that we have something in common: We both make people happy. Now that sets a new benchmark that I have to live up to!”