A car driven by a pregnant woman in Samaria flipped over after it was hit by Palestinians throwing rocks in Samaria. (Twitter) (Twitter)
Car flips over during terror attack

‘This is the reality of our daily lives here in Samaria,’ said her husband, Elazar Riger.


A pregnant woman’s car flipped over around midnight as she sought to evade rocks that terrorists threw at her on the road between Huwara and Yitzhar.

The Israel Defense Forces arrived on the scene and rescued the woman, whom they sent to the hospital, but were unable to find the attackers.

The woman’s husband, Elazar Riger, said the victim was “physically fine” with just a few bruises.

“Understand, this is the reality of our daily lives here in Samaria,” he said. “Thousands of rocks are hurled every single hour, every day, and stories like this repeat themselves daily.”