It seems that several organizations that support the Palestinian Authority are using Christmas to attack Israel. Holiday propaganda ranged from half-truths aimed at portraying Israel as oppressive to “crude anti-Semitism” based on historic Christian accusations of Jews being prophet-killers. A report published by NGO Monotor, entitled, “O Boycott All ye Faithful”, criticized Christian Aid, Sabeel, Kairos Palestine, Amos Trust, War on Want, Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Adalah, and Israel Palestine Mission Network, Presbyterian Church (USA).

For example, Kairos Palestine published a 32-page Christmas Alert that compared the Palestinian people today with the Parable of the Vineyard and the Tenants, claiming that the tenants (the Jews) rejected the word of G-d (the owner of the Vineyard) and then killed his son, which led to the vineyards land (Palestinians) being stolen and given to others (Jews). Yet Sabeel’s annual Christmas message made a similar distortion of history: “People of first century Palestine were looking for salvation and liberation from the oppressive yoke of the Roman Empire. Today’s Palestinians are looking for salvation and liberation from the oppressive yoke of Israel.”

Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign Christmas Card, Three Wise Men with the Security Barrier

Amos Trust was one of a number of groups that utilized Christmas to criticize Israel’s security barrier while removing the context of Palestinian terrorism, asserting that “the shepherds, despite being residents of Bethlehem, would struggle to graze their sheep because their land would be annexed by the building of the separation wall and a lack of freedom to travel and restrictions on trade would make it very difficult for them to make a living.” None of these groups mentioned how the majority of Bethlehem’s Christian population has been compelled to leave due to Palestinian violence and anti-Christian discrimination within the PA.

Similar themes were displayed in Christmas cards sold by the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign. These Christmas cards showed three wise men, standing next to Israel’s Security card, with the following declaration: “Their path would be blocked by Israel’s Apartheid Wall and it’s doubtful if they would be allowed through the checkpoints.” The Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign also sold nativity scenes that demonstrate how Palestinians suffer from the Security Barrier.

Adalah NY held a Christmas carol outside a New York jewelry store owned by an Israeli businessman, where traditional Christmas and even Hanukkah holiday songs were altered to promote the Palestinian cause, accuse Israel of apartheid, and to claim that this poor Israeli jewelry businessman is guilty of destroying lives. In Melbourne, Palestine solidarity activists behaved similarly, by having a “Don’t buy Israeli Apartheid for Christmas” campaign to dissuade Australians from buying Israeli products. They also sang anti-Israel Christmas carols.