Funeral of terror victim

The family of Malachi Rosenfeld, killed Monday by a Palestinian terrorist, mourns at his funeral Wednesday morning. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor slammed the UN for ignoring the recent wave of Palestinian terror in Israel, while condemning Islamic terror that occurs in other countries.

Following the fatal shooting of Malachi Rosenfeld near Shilo on Monday by Palestinian terrorists, Israel Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor sent the following letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and the Security Council:

“I write to you for the second time in less than two weeks to​ inform you that yet another citizen of Israel has been brutally murdered by Palestinian terrorists. Malachi Moshe Rosenfeld, age 26, was shot and killed while driving home from playing basketball with his friends, who were also severely injured in the attack, and remain hospitalized. Malachi had taken responsibility for taking care of his family after his older brother died in a tragic accident 13 years ago. This cruel murder is an unbearable tragedy for his family and his community.

“In the two weeks since the beginning of Ramadan, even as Israel has taken steps to facilitate holiday celebrations, there has been a dramatic increase in attacks against Israelis,” he stated. “Each day seems to bring with it news of a shooting attack, or a stabbing. Just yesterday, a terrorist stabbed a 19-year old female soldier next to Rachel’s Tomb, causing severe injuries. These attacks are a direct result of incitement by the Palestinian Authority in the media and in its education system. Even after this latest incident, the leadership of the PA remains silent, failing to condemn the murder of innocent people.”

Referring to the deadly terror attack on a popular beach in Tunisia and the bombing of a mosque in Kuwait last Friday, as well as a gruesome murder in France two days earlier – all committed by Islamic terrorists – Prosor continued:

“These attacks are part of a global surge of terrorism. We have all been witness to the horrific terror attacks of last week in France, Tunisia, and Kuwait, which you condemned ‘in the strongest terms.’ We join in your call that ‘those responsible for these appalling acts of violence must be swiftly brought to justice’ and that “these heinous attacks will only strengthen the commitment of the United Nations to help defeat those bent on murder, destruction and the annihilation of human development and culture.”

People of Israel also Worthy of Compassion

However, “I expect you to condemn the terrorist attacks in Israel in an equally decisive manner. Terror is terror, no matter where it takes place, or who is harmed. The people of Israel deserve the same level of concern and empathy as any other people in the world.”

Prosor has been outspoken in recent months regarding what he sees as unequal treatment of Israel by the world body. In February, for instance, he mocked the UN, calling it a “theater of the absurd,” castigating the organization for neglecting serious global concerns, such as Islamic terror, while continuously chastising Israel. ““If we intend to fight terror, we must not differentiate between terror and terror – there is no good terror or bad terror group, and we must treat them all alike,” he stated at the time.

Only last week, the UN released its Commission of Inquiry report on last summer’s war with Hamas terrorists, accusing Israel of having committed war crimes and neglecting profound human rights abuses by Hamas not only against Israelis, including the abduction and murder of three Jewish teenagers, but also against Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

By: United with Israel Staff