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If not for some miraculous timing, this would have been a very tragic week. Fortunately, Hamas was foiled in their plans, but the Palestinians managed to somehow draw more world sympathy. This and more in our week in review!

1. New Low: Anti-Israel BDS Connects Ferguson to ‘Palestine’!

What does the situation in Ferguson, Missouri have to do with Israel? In truth, nothing at all. The fact that BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanction) groups are linking the two demonstrates they will take any opportunity to promote their misguided agenda.

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2. Miracles in the Midst of Terror – Only in Israel!

Those who understand the modern State of Israel’s history know that the relationship between miracles and the nation extends beyond the biblical narrative.

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3. Iran Nuke Deal on Hold: Israel Safe (For Now)

The Western powers have extended the deadline for a final agreement with Iran. Israel, meanwhile, is keeping close track of the developments.

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Children in Gaza protest the current situation. (Photo: Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90)

4. Hamas To Blame for Stalled Gaza Rehabilitation

The slow rehabilitation of Gaza’s civilian life after Operation Protective Edge has raised the ire of residents. Israel has expressed willingness to support the process – Hamas is guilty of delay.  

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5. Israel’s Thanksgiving: Massive Hamas Terror Plot Exposed

Despite Hamas’ continued attempts to harm Israel’s citizens, Israeli security forces successfully thwart another deadly plot.

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