Roger Waters spits out water when asked about Iran's human rights abuses. (Screenshot) (Screenshot)
Roger Waters spits out water when asked about Iran's human rights abuses. (Screenshot)


BDS proponent and musician Roger Waters equates evangelical Christians with Iranian dictators.

By United With Israel Staff

Last week, pro-Palestinian activist and Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) promoter Roger Waters was interviewed for The Real News Network at the “People’s Mobilization Against the U.S. War Machine and Save The Planet” protest in Herald Square, New York. The hate-monger stayed true to form launching bizarre attacks on Israel and the United States, while giving Iran a free pass.

The interviewer, Dimitri Lascaris referred to Waters as a “legendary musician known widely around the world for his peace activism and his activism for human rights.” In reality, Waters is well known for his efforts to prevent artists from performing in Israel, as part of the BDS movement, as well as spreading vicious lies about the Middle East conflict, the Israeli army, and the Jewish state.

Lascaris asked Waters “about a brewing conflict which is really capturing the attention of the world at this particular moment. And that is the conflict between the United States and its allies on the one hand, and Iran and its allies on the other. We hear a lot about how Iran is the world’s worst state sponsor of terrorism. We hear a lot about how it’s a human rights abuser.”

Water’s appears to choke on his water at the question. He answered that it is “nonsense” that Iran abuses human rights and used the question as a way to slander Israel and the US.

“This is just a story that’s being made up by the Israelis and the Americans in order to create more confusion and conflict in the Middle East,” Waters said. “And also, if possible, at the behest of the Israeli government, to get America to wage war upon Iran in order to blunt Iran’s influence in the Middle East.

“Because it’s a big country. Lots of people. It’s a very old ancient civilization, the Persian civilization, and the Israelis don’t want it there. They would prefer it was rubble. And so that’s why they’re encouraging the idea that it’s an enemy.”

When asked how he would resolve the Middle East conflict and avoid bloodshed, Water’s suggests that talking and returning to the Obama-era’s nuclear agreement with Iran is a way to solve the problems.

He then equated Christian evangelicals with Iranian leadership.

“I kind of slightly deplore any country that’s run by what I call ‘religious extremists,'” he said. “And they’re not more extreme than evangelical Christians in this country. Rouhani, or whoever is now in charge, is no more extreme than Mike Pence. You can’t get any more extreme than that.”

Perhaps, Waters’ most dangerous statement came when asked about the consciousness and engagement of young people today concerning the world.

“[A]t my concerts, the audience are predominantly young these days,” Waters answered. “And they care about what I have to say in my songs and what I have to say, period.”

There is an online petition to stop Roger Waters from spewing hate and lies against Israel. Sign the petition here.