Palestiinians training in Russia. (screenshot) screenshot
Palestiinians training in Russia

Two days after news broke of Palestinian mercenaries fighting in Ukraine, a video surfaced of “Palestinian officer cadets” at “Russian military academies.”

By United with Israel Staff

Russia is allegedly paying $350 to Palestinian residents of Lebanon to fight in Ukraine, with video surfacing of Palestinians in Russian military academies.

Just days after a news outlet published reports of Russia paying Palestinians from Lebanon to wage war in Ukraine, videos appeared on Twitter of Palestinian “officer cadets” at a “Russian military academy.”

The report of Palestinian mercenaries was based on a Lebanese government security source cited by The Media Line (TML), which broke the story.

“The Lebanese security source indicated that the recruitment of Palestinians and others is being carried out in coordination with the Lebanese-based, Iranian-backed Hezbollah organization,” reported TML.

The TML story also indicated that the recruits were linked to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah party, in addition to a U.S.-designated terror group called the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

Currently, it is estimated that hundreds of Palestinians have been quickly trained in Russia and sent to the frontlines.

According to Western intelligence, up to 200,000 Russian-linked forces have been killed or injured in the Ukraine war, which began on February 24, 2022, when Russian forces invaded Ukraine.

Two days after the TML piece broke on Palestinian mercenaries in Russia, a video surfaced on Twitter of “Palestinian officer cadets” at “Russian military academies.”

“Insignia of their uniforms indicates these are Malian and Palestinian officer cadets training at Russian military academies in Russia. No indication they are fighting or part of Wagner.” tweeted Tom Bullock, Senior Russia Analyst for Janes, a global agency for open-source defense intelligence.

“Russia has run these programs for years, training officers from Mali, Palestine, Angola, and the Central African Republic to name a few,” added Bullock.

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