Yasser Arafat and his wife Suha Arafat in Gaza City, April 5, 1995. (AP/Nabil Judah) (AP/Nabil Judah)
Yasser Arafat and his wife Suha

In a surprise post on her Instagram account, Suha Arafat also confirmed there is no evidence supporting conspiracies that Israel assassinated her late husband.

By Yakir Benzion, United With Israel

The widow of Palestinian arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat made a surprise posting on her Instagram account, knocking long-running baseless Palestinian conspiracies that Israel somehow assassinated her husband. She also called the second Palestinian intifada, a massive wave of deadly terror attacks on Israelis, a “mistake.”

Suha Arafat posted in Arabic on Friday on her Instagram account, “The [intifada] was wrong, because we lost a lot, and our war with them [Israel] was unequal,” she said of the almost five years of violence that Yasser Arafat and Palestinian leadership orchestrated to terrorize Israeli civilians..

During the intifada over 1,000 Israelis were killed, with the Palestinians waging a horrific campaign of suicide bombings against Israeli civilians that elevated the most brutal and dehumanizing forms of terror to the highest Palestinian value.

She also said she is not accusing anyone, “not even Israel,” of killing Yasser Arafat who died in 2004 of an undisclosed illness. The lack of transparency around Arafat’s sickness led to numerous conspiracy theories that the terrorist leader had been poisoned or had died from AIDS, but his wife rejected the allegations.

“Until now I don’t have evidence against anyone,” Arafat said, adding that she wanted “to explain something important to the honest people of our nation.”

“I cannot accuse anyone of killing him, even Israel, because I do not have any evidence, and I also do not have evidence against anyone so far, and I do not want the accusations to be thrown into internal Palestinian malicious political battles without conclusive evidence,” she said, referring to Palestinian political infighting in which Palestinian leaders have accused each other of murdering Arafat.

She did however, admit that the Palestinians used terrorism to advance their cause.

“It is this terrorism that you are talking about that has reached our voice to the whole world,” Arafat said in her post, but added that the second Palestinian intifada that began in 2000 was a mistake.

In August Palestinians called Suha Arafat a traitor after she posted that she was embarrassed by the hurtful comments Palestinians made about the UAE for establishing peace with Israel.

When she received threats from Palestinian Authority officials she warned senior PA officials that if they hurt her or her family members, she would “open the gates of hell against them.”



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