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Father Gabriel Nadaf (L) with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (Photo: Moshe Milner/Flash90)

Jubran Nadaf, an Israeli Christian, followed his father’s teachings and joined the IDF to protect the only safe haven for Christians in the Middle East.

Jubran Nadaf, the son of Father Gabriel Nadaf, an Israeli Greek Orthodox Priest and an outspoken supporter of Israel, joined the Israel Defense Forces on Tuesday.

Father Nadaf is a strong advocate of the Christians in Israel integrating into Israeli society and supporting Israel, as Israel is the only country in the Middle East where Christians can freely practice their religion without fear of persecution.

One of Nadaf’s sons was physically attacked by his opponents and hospitalized a year ago. A teen active in a communist youth movement in Nazareth approached Nadaf’s son and threatened him. He then started punching him and beat him with a stick. The boy fought back, but was injured in the incident.

After the attack, Nadaf stated:“[M]y son very much wants to enlist, in the near future, and serve in a combat unit. He believes in what I do, that we all have a home here, that he also needs to give to the country. The country gives him his rights, and should receive what it is due in return. We all need to live here in peace, and protect the existence of the country that we live in, since our future is here.”

“This is the holy land for Jews and Christians,” Nadaf declared. “And we have to protect it from all harm.”

Nadaf himself was targeted by the Greek Church for his actions. He was excommunicated by the Orthodox Church Council after he expressed his belief that Christian youth in Israel should fully integrate into Israeli society, serving in the IDF or in the National Service.

Jubran Nadaf followed in his father’s path and voluntarily joined an elite IDF unit. Nadaf wrote on his Facebook page that this is “an historic and exciting day at the Nadaf household and a happy day for Christians in Israel.”

Nadaf junior did what he did “out of a sense of mission and belonging and the aspiration to contribute to his country Israel.”

Nadaf further added:

“[T]his day is a result of home education, in as much as from Mrs. Nadaf who supports her son in the recruitment process and sharing the burden, and of course from Father Gabriel himself, the spiritual father of the Israeli Christians recruitment forum, who sees this step as a personal example to Christian parents who teach their kids to love, cherish, honor and serve their country and contribute to society!”

How You Can Help Israel, the Christians and Jerusalem

Jerusalem, under Israeli sovereignty, is one of the few cities in the Middle East where Christians can freely practice their religion.

Israel’s sovereignty in Jerusalem, its capital, has come under heavy attack in the past months. We need to stand together and show the world that Jerusalem is not a bargaining chip in border negotiations or a rally point for terrorists. It is a Holy City meant to provide a beacon of light to all nations, under the sovereignty of Israel. Help us ensure that Jerusalem stays unified. Click HERE to sign The Jerusalem Declaration.

Author: United with Israel Staff

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