Fatah glorifies Suicide bomber on Facebook. (PMW) PMW


A massive campaign launched by Palestinian Media Watch and aided by United with Israel supporters shuttered Fatah’s Facebook over its rampant terror incitement.

By United with Israel Staff and TPS

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party utilizes social media to glorify terrorists as heroes and role models, and through its Facebook page “instantaneously promotes terror to its 224,000 Facebook followers,” Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) recently reported.

To combat this threat, PMW launched a campaign in February to shut down this source of pro-terror propaganda, releasing a comprehensive report on Fatah’s Facebook page documenting its terror glorification and incitement to violence throughout 2018.

The report showed that Fatah’s content was in direct violation of Facebook’s community standards. However, Facebook refused to close the page.

PMW published a new report earlier this month, documenting the terror promoting content on Fatah’s Facebook page during the first six months of 2019, which it shared with Facebook.

Simultaneously, PMW also launched a social media campaign with partner organizations worldwide urging the social media giant to immediately and permanently shut down Fatah’s page, for openly violating Facebook’s guidelines.

United with Israel, which has close to 6 million supporters, stepped up and urged its readers to lend a hand, strengthening PMW’s efforts with a call to action asking its readers to get involved.

On Wednesday, the efforts of PMW, United with Israel, and other partner organizations paid off: Fatah had to shut down their hate-filled terror-promoting page.

“We were eager to utilize United with Israel’s resources to further this cause,” said UWI founder Michael Gerbitz.

“Our dedicated supporters sent emails to Brian Fishman, director of Facebook’s global counter-terrorism team, demanding that he put a stop to the promotion of Palestinian terrorism on his platform,” he added. “Innocent lives are at risk. It’s unconscionable this incitement went on for so long.”

The campaign is ongoing, and readers are urged to continue emailing Facebook about the matter. Click here for instructions.

An Important Step

Itamar Marcus, director of PMW, said the achievement was “an important step in the war against Palestinian terror.”

He expressed hope that this will be “a permanent closure and not a short-term suspension. The more we can shut down terror promoting social media, the more lives will be saved.”

Fatah’s page has previously been suspended and reinstated by Facebook.

in the past, Facebook faced allegations and legal action over its facilitation of pages owned and used by terrorist organizations, but dodged the charges in most instances.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) media on Tuesday accused PMW of “waging a war” against its Facebook page. Fatah is the ruling party in the PA.

“The Israeli occupation (i.e. PMW) is waging a new war against the Fatah Movement’s Facebook page… The occupation is claiming that the page glorifies Palestinians that carry out operations (i.e., terror attacks) against the occupation… We in Fatah are proud of our Martyrs” Ma’an, an independent Palestinian news agency, reported.

Email Facebook and demand they keep this type of incitement off their platform, click here.

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