Abu Adnan, a Syrian Rebel group leader, praised Israeli Housing Minister Uri Ariel’s comments regarding the recent chemical attack in Syria. Adnan exclaimed, “Allow me to send a message of thanks and appreciation to [Ariel] for his humane and valuable statements and for his beautiful expression of emotion toward the children killed in Syria and toward the women being killed in Syria.”

The comments to which Adnan referred included Ariel’s proclamation, “Of all people, we, who cried out, and have been asking to this day, ‘how could the world have been silent?’ – We, as people; we, as Jews, cannot remain silent in the face of genocide, no matter who it is and where it is. And I say to ourselves – first of all, to ourselves, as Jews; as citizens of Israel; as a minister in the government of Israel, there will not be another genocide. We will not allow it.”

“The Jews in Zion and Jews the world over have an obligation – not a right, an obligation of the first degree – to alert and wake up the entire world, everywhere, in the UN, in the US and Europe – we are obligated to do this because we experienced this as a nation, and we are the Jewish people. I am already acting and I will continue to act so that this awareness will reach everywhere and that with the grace of G-d, we will stop this horror,” Ariel declared.

Ariel criticized Obama’s postponing a Syrian military operation until he receives congressional approval, and referred to Assad as a cowardly killer, who had indiscriminately murders thousands. “He’s not a lion, he’s a murderous rabbit; take care of him already.” He also accused the world of doing nothing about the 100,000 Syrian corpses, concluding that “no one in the world will stand with [Israel]” as it faces the “real dangers” in Syria.

While the Syrian rebels share Ariel’s disappointment with Obama, Adnan nevertheless expressed hope, noting, “We believe that Israel could assist us greatly in bringing down this regime. We, as the Syrian people, have discovered that our first and primary enemy is the Assad family, Hezbollah and Iran. The main enemy is this [Assad] regime and not Israel.”

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