Arafat spent most of the last three years of his life in this bedroom on the ground floor of his Ramallah headquarters, after Israel confined him there over his direct involvement in encouraging terror and violence against Israelis.

Palestinians have been cooking up anti-Semitic blood libels against Israel for years. The most recent one, when PA President Mahmoud Abbas announced in front of the EU Parliament that Jewish rabbis called to poison Palestinian wells, went unchallenged by members of the EU who were present at the time.

A close look at the facts reveals that the US and other Western countries have given billions of dollars to the Palestinian Authority, much of which has gone to pad corrupt pockets and even support terror.

Ahmed Tibi, an Arab Member of Israel's Knesset, says he misses late arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat, who dedicated his life to fighting Israel both diplomatically and with extreme violence.