At the Na Laga’at center in Jaffa, professional deaf & blind actors run the show; the IDF gives important jobs to young people with autism; a free program helps Israeli-Arab men stop smoking, and much more.

Key enzyme discovery in fight against cancer; Israeli biotech Neurim signed marketing agreements for its new treatment for sleep disorders in children with autism and neurogenetic diseases; Israeli surgeons from Save a Child’s Heart saved 14 young, faulty hearts, and much more. By: Michael Ordman ISRAEL’S MEDICAL ACHIEVEMENTS Key enzyme discovery in fight against cancer Israel Technion... Read more »

Israel’s Gordian Surgical received CE clearance for its TroClose1200™, an innovative system for inserting surgical instruments into the abdomen; Israeli scientists have designed new peptides that act as decoys, stopping the bacteria from binding with the receptors, and much more.

Ezer Mizion’s Hakalah Respite Program provides parents of special-needs children the opportunity to celebrate events with their families while knowing that their child is well looked after, and 70% of the employees of Jerusalem café Bistro Harutzim have various special needs.