John Ashton tweets

Top members of Britain's Conservative Friends of Israel caucus demand BBC stop interviewing Prof. John Ashton, who has a long anti-Israel history that includes comparing Zionists to Nazis.


The BBC is supposed to report the facts, yet it regularly perpetuates a false narrative revealing the media company's anti-Israel bias. We must do something about it.

Rocket terror

Media bias against Israel is always obvious, but especially so when Hamas fires rockets at Israel because foreign media outlets barely report the attacks. Only when Israel responds do these same outlets suddenly decide the story is newsworthy.

Eritrean migrants

Hundreds of Eritrean asylum-seekers marched in Tel Aviv in support of a UN probe into the African state's regime, considered one of the world's most repressive; The 3 Million Club is an Israeli NGO that works in Haiti, Nepal, and is now starting in India to save children from malnutrition, and much more.

BBC Israel

The BBC is broadcasting “The A-Word” – a drama about a family with an autistic son - after buying the format from Israel’s Keshet International, and Israel attracts about 500 million birds annually, prompting the government to feed 8 tons of corn to thousands of cranes every day.

anti-Israel media bias

"Alleged" terrorists conducting attacks on camera, Israeli victims as the aggressors and the New York Times' list of Jews all feature in CAMERA's report this year, which highlights the worst of anti-Israel media bias and skewed reporting.