The Torah portion of “Ki Tavo” (Deut. 26:1-29:8) includes some heavy discussion about charity, tithing, and helping the less fortunate. In this webinar, Rabbi Enkin presents the Jewish perspective on giving charity, known as “tzedaka.” You will learn how “tzedaka” is addressed in the Torah, the Talmud, and even in the mystical teachings of Kabbala!... Read more »

This year, the government proposes to supplement food baskets for each poor family to the tune of 14 shekels ($4) for the holidays. At that rate, the funding doesn't cover the cost of a jar of honey.

Following is Rabbi Ari Enkin’s latest piece in a series on charity according to Torah thought. Rabbi Yochanan says:  Separate a 10th of your earnings so that you will become wealthy! One of the first biblically mandated forms of charitable donations concerns one’s agricultural profits. The Torah teaches us that one who harvests a field... Read more »

Tzedaka is the Hebrew word for charity, although it literally means justice or righteousness. Charity is an obligation in Judaism, not merely a nice thing to do.

"It was painful to see this exhausted father, pregnant mother and weeping children living this way. I walked in and immediately saw the fear in their eyes."