Ghadir Kamal Meriach from the Israeli-Druze-Arab village of Daliat al-Carmel made history as the first woman from Israel’s Druze community to present the news on Israeli TV.

Israel provided food and assistance kits to Paraguayans impacted by massive flooding of the Paraguay River from El Niño storms during December, and four IsraAID volunteers have traveled to Leeds, UK to begin repairing homes and distributing food to victims of devastating floods in the area.

Influential young members of the Israeli Druze community who serve in leadership roles in the IDF, law enforcement and medicine are traveling across the US to spread understanding and awareness of their community’s unique place in Israel’s multicultural society.

With Iran-funded terrorism on the Israel-Syria border and the increasing presence of jihadists, the IDF conducted two weeks of exercises to prepare for the possibility of an incursion into Syrian territory.

In a most severe incident on Monday night, members of the Druze community living in Israel lynched two wounded Syrians who were being evacuated to an Israeli hospital.