idf chanukah party

Join us in saying 'Thank You' to the young heroes of the IDF who protect and defend the citizens of Israel. Send gift packages and personal notes to soldiers on the front lines against terror.

IDF soldiers

Demonstrating they are not interested in peace and only in perpetuating hate and violence, Palestinians attacked two female IDF soldiers who mistakenly entered the Palestinian city of Tulkarem, but luckily were rescued by Israeli security forces.


The Shmira Project is a grassroots program pairing active-duty IDF combat soldiers with Jews around the world to increase soldiers’ spiritual merit & protection.

IDF Special Needs Soldiers

The autistic young men and women can sit for hours in front of electronic maps spotting the minutest changes. This rare ability eludes most non-autistic soldiers.

The Chatmar Military Base in Samaria was packed on Thursday evening when busloads of American-Israeli visitors celebrated the Festival of Chanukah and the American Thanksgiving holiday with soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces, bringing gift packages of warm clothing and thousands of letters of support from around the world.

Israel, as a nation committed to Jewish values, supports the Talmudic passage which states, “Whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved the entire world.” This is one of the main reasons why Israel is always among the first nations to send humanitarian aid missions to assist natural disaster victims and this is why Israel is committed to help saving Palestinian lives, even if at times it puts IDF soldiers at risk. (In the past, Israel has been forced to transfer medical supplies into Palestinian areas under qassam rocket fire and checkpoints where medical supplies crosses into Gaza have been targeted by suicide bombers.)


: A new video distributed by the IDF shows one of the smallest drones in the world in action! The drone, called the Skylark I-LE, is small, lightweight, and can be carried by one person and set up to be ready to fly in less than eight minutes. The Skylark I-LE has three hours of... Read more »