Hyder Badawi

Former Sudan Foreign Ministry spokesman says he does not regret confirming peace moves between his country and Israel. By Yakir Benzion, United With Israel Former Sudanese Foreign Ministry spokesman Haider Badawi lost his job for confirming to the media that his country is pursuing diplomatic relations with Israel, but he has no regrets. Interviewed Thursday... Read more »

coronavirus ethiopia

NALA takes Israeli health expertise beyond the borders of the Jewish state. Its current initiative is to fight the coronavirus in Ethiopia. NALA, an Israeli NGO, was helping Ethiopia fight snail fever in 2018 and is now working to combat Covid-19 in the African country with a five-point plan. In this video, Naomi Caplan discusses... Read more »

Israel Jordan train

Israel is due to open in October a new 40-mile rail line between Haifa and a terminal 5 miles short of the Jordanian border; Over 650 women attended the 7th annual Temech Conference for Israeli Female Entrepreneurs on June 28 in Jerusalem, and much more.

Netanyahu Kenya

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is on a historic trip to Africa where he is visiting Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Ethiopia. In exchange for its expertise in security and other fields, Israel wants African states to side with it at the United Nations.

Netanyahu Africa visit

In what may be a result of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's trip to Africa, Tanzania has announced it will soon re-open an embassy in Israel to help establish direct ties after severing relations following the 1973 Yom Kippur War.