Technion Prof. Amir Orian

Key enzyme discovery in fight against cancer; Israeli biotech Neurim signed marketing agreements for its new treatment for sleep disorders in children with autism and neurogenetic diseases; Israeli surgeons from Save a Child’s Heart saved 14 young, faulty hearts, and much more. By: Michael Ordman ISRAEL’S MEDICAL ACHIEVEMENTS Key enzyme discovery in fight against cancer Israel Technion... Read more »

CNN has written about three Israeli Innovations that will revolutionize the planet; Want a phone-free family meal, or just a break from constantly checking messages and emails? Purchase an Israeli Pause, and much more.

Israel dairy

Dairy farmers from India to Italy travel to Israeli kibbutzim to learn how to increase their milk yields; IBA News goes behind the scenes at the Sorek desalination plant, which produces 20% of Israel’s domestic water, and much more.

supermarket queue

The barcode self-scanning and checkout payment smartphone app from Israeli startup SuperSmart could be the start of a revolution in Israeli grocery shopping; The Mabat 2000 observation and intelligence center counters crime and terror attacks in Jerusalem, and much more.