Maryana Sytar with Prof. Ronen Avraham from Tel Aviv University’s Buchmann Faculty of Law. (TAU via The Algemeiner) (TAU via The Algemeiner)
Tel Aviv University

Doctoral student of law Maryana Sytar, who was studying in Ukraine before Russia’s invasion, landed in Israel on Thursday.

By Sharon Wrobel, The Algemeiner

Tel Aviv University said on Sunday that it welcomed its first Ukrainian refugee researcher to campus under an emergency scholarship program.

Doctoral student of law Maryana Sytar, who was studying at the Koretsky Institute of State and Law of Ukraine before Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine, landed in Israel on Thursday.

“It took me a few days to arrive. I had to travel from Ukraine to Hungary and then catch a plane to Tel Aviv,” Sytar said. “I am constantly trying to reach my family but it gives me peace to know that they are safe for now.”

She will continue her research at TAU’s Buchmann Faculty of Law over the next six months.

“I want to express my gratitude to Tel Aviv University for giving me this opportunity and for all the kind people surrounding me and helping me constantly,” Sytar stated. “I really appreciate it.”

Israel’s largest university said it expects additional Ukrainian scholars to arrive this week. Earlier this month, TAU announced dozens of scholarships amounting to a total of NIS 1 million ($310,000) for Ukrainian students and researchers whose studies were disrupted by the war. The grants cover both tuition and living expenses in Israel.

TAU said the emergency fund, which is open to students currently enrolled in any discipline at a Ukrainian university, “raised hundreds of thousands of dollars” within days from generous donors, including TAU Governors Vlad and Sana Shmunis.

The school also launched a fundraising drive “to support dozens of Ukrainian students and researchers with immediate refuge and assistance that will enable them to continue their academic studies and research, which have been halted due to the unfolding crisis.”