IDF forces detained five men from the city of Qalqilya in the pre-dawn hours.

Troops raided a number of houses in Kafr Qaddum, before seizing Ali Juma, 20, Ahmad Juma, 20, Aqba Obeid, 33, Majd Abu Khaled, 23, and Abdul Latif Obeid, 18, area residents told the Palestinian Authority-affiliated Maan News Agency.

An IDF army spokeswoman said four were detained in Qalqilya and “taken for security questioning.”

She also confirmed that six others were detained across the Judea and Samaria overnight.

Kafr Qaddum is the location of weekly protests, which often turn violent, against Israel’s decision to close one of the entrances to the town that passes near the Israeli community of Kedumim for security reasons.

Qalqilya has a reputation for being a terror haven that has spawned attack on several nearby Jewish communities.

Just two weeks ago IDF forces entered Qalqilya and arrested 12 suspected terrorists in the Azzun neighborhood.

In late December, IDF closed all entrances to Qalqilya and conducted a house-to-house search after a terrorist who fired on an Israeli vehicle with a shotgun was seen fleeing there.

The arrests came as IDF counter-terrorism forces made a full court press in Judea and Samaria after several Hamas terror cells were uncovered in the region late last year.

One of those cells was responsible for the Jerusalem bus bombing in April 2011 that killed a British tourist and wounded scores of others.

Five senior Hamas members of the Palestinian Legislative Council have been arrested on suspicion of terror activities in recent weeks as well.

Source: IsraelNationalNews

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