The One-State Solution. The Two-State Solution. The Three-State Solution… The 50-State Solution!

Recently, we have heard much from the world regarding the Israeli settlements and the two-state solution. According to John Kerry, settlements are the reason for all the problems on earth. This coming from a man who has done little or nothing while 500,000 men, women, and children have been butchered just a few miles north of Israel in Syria.

Settlements are the root of all evil, according to the Obama administration. This is the same administration that watched and did virtually nothing as the Arab Spring (or, as it should have been named, the Arab Winter) spread and caused turmoil all over the Middle East.

By the way, none of those countries’ revolutions had anything to do with settlements, a two-state solution or Palestinians.

We have heard so much propaganda from the UN and this administration that we take it all as a given.

Perhaps it is time to give a little perspective.

There are 50 Muslim-majority states in the world. These states have over 1 billion – BILLION, with a ‘B’ – Muslims in them.

There are 22 purely Islamic States in the world. That means the UN has at least 22 states automatically voting against Israel.

There are 50 countries that have Muslim majorities.  That’s an automatic 50 votes against Israel.

This does not count the growing influence of Muslim communities in England, France, Sweden and other places. The number one baby name in London is now Mohammad.

That is why you get such “fair” resolutions against Israel in the UN.

“Israel as the top human rights violator,” for example. “Israel as the top violator of women’s rights in the world” as another.

In 2015 and 2016 alone there were 20 anti-Israeli resolutions. The entire rest of the world – including North Korea, Syria, Sudan, Russia ,Iran, Saudi Arabia and many more bastions of “human rights” – had the sum total of…. three resolutions.

Would someone please explain to me why the world needs yet another Muslim state virtually on top of the only Jewish one? Being right on top of another state is no accident. Muslim conquerors often built mosques directly on the holiest place of the conquered as a show of dominance.

I am not going to go back in history and rehash the law, the promises, the slaughter of Jews for millennia (OK, I just did). Let’s just approach this from a logical standpoint.

Let’s talk common sense and fairness. Think about this for one minute. China has over 1.35-billion Chinese. Taiwan has 23 million. The Chinese were upset over a phone call to the US president-elect from the president of that speck of dust Taiwan.

Do you mean to tell me that China, with its 1.35 BILLION CHINESE, need 23 MILLION MORE? They don’t have enough Chinese?


You have over a billion Muslims in 50 majority-Muslim countries. The land mass covers quite a large area of the world. The Arabs have oil, land and enormous wealth. Israel has…. Israelis and great falafel (OK, they borrowed that from the Arabs, but in my opinion made it better). Do the Arabs really need that little truncated strip of land?


To be fair, I think we should also consider the following:

How many Jews are there in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Yemen and Sudan? You get my point here, don’t you?

The answer is close to zero if not zero.

There are more Jewish hockey players in the world than there are Jews living in all Muslim countries combined.

Now for Israel’s enemies, which I will put into a few categories.

1. Many Arabs.

2. Europeans, especially those on the left. We know how the Europeans treat their Jews.

3. Many in the New Democratic party as well as the left in general.

4. Some of our own Jews who are smoking something. They don’t think they’re enemies, but they are.

5. Many of the writers at Ha’aretz. Columnists like Gideon Levy, who famously called for the Arabs to shoot more rockets into Israel from Gaza.

6. J Street and anyone who still supports them.

Their mantra is: “Israel needs to make more sacrifices for peace.” Yeah, right. I mean, who can argue anything that ends in “peace”?

I think Arabs have been mistranslated for years now. “Peace” really means “piece.” I want this piece, that piece, and when you’re done, I want another piece. It is purely and simply a monumental propaganda campaign of epic proportions, all designed to convince the world that the battle is between Jews and local Arabs instead of the Arab and Islamic war on Israel.

So here is my peace plan and my answer to John Kerry:
50 States for Muslims and Arabs. Not counting the Gaza strip, which really belongs to Egypt anyway.
One small state for Jews (with Arabs in it), and 50 states for Arabs with virtually no Jews in them.

I think that 50-to-1 is fair enough, Don’t you?

Article by Larry Levine

Originally from Long Island, New York, Larry Levine lives in Columbus Ohio. He is an award-winning businessman/pro-Israel activist, writer. Also a standup comedian and talk show host whose guests included Jay Leno, Alexander Haig and Paul Reiser.