If only these one-sided, anti-Israel news reports were an anomaly, but sadly, they are entirely consistent with the Canadian media’s routine bias.

Those of us on the right of the Canadian political spectrum (and we are a minority) have spent much of the past 2-1/2 years gobsmacked at the fixation – and the accompanying bias – of much of the American media.  Non-stop blathering about Russian collusion that wasn’t, ignoring successful economic policies that reversed decades of stagnation, making light of foreign policy that was exponentially more robust and more supportive of allies than had been the case for several administrations, wilful blindness to the source of terrorist attacks around the world, obsessing about the personal peccadillos of the President (after minimizing or distorting the numerous missteps of his predecessors); you know the drill.

But I want to tell those Canadians who have been positively giddy for the past 2-1/2 years, revelling in our superior wokeness and our magnificently impartial press, that Canada is not immune to the disease that is media distortion and advocacy.

Sunday night, I watched Global News to hear what was going on in Israel and their headline was about civilians dying in Gaza at the hands of the Israel Defense Forces.  The visuals accompanying the story were scenes of Gazans mourning their casualties and the funeral processions for a young child and a woman.  It was only after a couple of minutes that Global mentioned that, oh by the way, Israel’s ‘attacks’ were a response to hundreds of rockets fired at Israeli civilians.  Needless to say, there were no pictures or video of the Israeli funerals or the destruction caused by those rockets.

I switched channels to CTV and their reporting was very similar to Global’s but they went one step further in attempting to minimize Palestinian responsibility for the weekend violence by interviewing some nondescript professor from some unheard-of college in the U.S.  Her view was that Israel was guilty of numerous violations of the Geneva Convention, including targeting civilians and imposing collective punishment on innocent parties.

Not one word from this ‘renowned academic’ about the reason Israel launched their counter-attack, not one word about Palestinian rockets deliberately seeking out civilian targets, not one word about Hamas placing their rocket launchers in the heart of neighbourhoods so as to maximize their own casualties for propaganda purposes, not one word about every country having the right to defend themselves against terrorism.

If only these one-sided news reports were an anomaly, but sadly, they are entirely consistent with the Canadian media’s routine bias.  And if only the media were not merely mirroring the Canadian government’s own moral fog, best illustrated by Trudeau’s Liberals promising more than $100 million to the Palestinians for humanitarian relief without any safeguards to prevent that money going to reward terrorists and their families or funding an educational system that is equal parts Jew-hatred and the glories of martyrdom.

Americans have nothing to learn from smug Canadians about values or principles or priorities.  And the American media obviously have nothing to learn about impartial reporting from the Canadian media.

Guess we’re even.

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Article by Henry Roth

Henry Roth was born in Haifa and immigrated to Canada in the early 1950s. The son of Romanian Holocaust survivors, he has been married to Brenda for 43 years, is the father of two sons, Marc and David, the happy grandfather of Nicolas and a proud and loud Zionist.