While the Arabs plan once again another maritime flotilla to break the “blockade” on Gaza, it is important to remind ourselves of the true situation regarding Israel and Gaza.

First of all it is important to remember that Gaza is run by the Hamas whose charter is to destroy Israel, so Israel has every right as a sovereign nation to impose restrictions upon travel and the transfer of goods with an enemy entity.

Regardless, Israel has continuously allowed the transfer of humanitarian goods to Gaza for the benefit of the civilian population.

Just recently Israel allowed the entry of medical equipment from Israel into Gaza. The equipment is to be used by the Jordanian hospital in the Gaza Strip. Also allowed was a turnover of 195 members of the hospital staff.

In 2009, some 4,883 tons of medical equipment and medicine were delivered to the region, as well as medical supplies for the disabled such as wheelchairs, crutches and first aid kits. Also shipped to the region’s hospitals and clinics that year were heart monitors, baby feeding tubes, dental equipment, medical books, ambulance emergency equipment, artificial limbs and infant sleeping bags.

In the first quarter of 2010, 152 trucks of medical supplies and equipment made their way into Gaza.

Israel has continuously allowed the entry of such supplies into Gaza despite heavy rocket attacks which originated from the region.

Israel has also allowed Gaza residents in need of medical care to leave the Strip and receive it in Israel. In 2009, 10,544 patients and their companions left Gaza to access medical care in Israel, and there were 382 emergency evacuations from Gaza for medical purposes.

Last year, an Egyptian journalist reported about a “prosperous” Gaza in which prices are low and luxury businesses are booming. He noted that Gaza’s markets are filled with a “plethora of goods.”

Thanks to Israel, Gaza has also been allowed to export to Europe products such as cherry tomatoes, strawberries, carnations, and peppers.

A spokesperson for the Coordinator of Government Activities in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza said in a statement on Monday that “the entry of medical equipment to hospitals was conducted as part of our humanitarian efforts for Gaza residents. These efforts are made on a daily basis at all levels and channels, with emphasis on health, education, agriculture and infrastructure.”

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