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Yezidi girl drowned

A little Yezidi girl drowned at sea.

A little Yezidi girl drowned at sea. Her family was able to escape ISIS because they had a car and could get away. This meant that they went to a UN camp, which is very dangerous for Yezidis because the camps are run by Islamists who seek to pressure the Yezidis into converting, who oppress the Yezidis and who do not protect them. Following is a tribute to the beautiful little girl.

This little girl and her parents left the camp to try to get to Europe. They drowned in the sea.

If she was Muslim, the World would talk about her issue!

But, because she is Yezidi (she is an infidel in their eyes) – there is silence.

Escaped from death, rape and injustice to reach a land of peace and freedom but unfortunately,

She and her family suddenly stranded in the mysterious sea.

Their tube boat sank into the sea between Greece and Turkey.

This is only one family.

There were hundreds of Yezidis have passed away that way during their journey to Europe!

The family of Hussein Mayani was from the Yezidis’ Town of Bahzani, which is about 15 KM North of Mosul city.

The family fled to Turkey and about two weeks ago they decided to reach Europe,

Where they thought they would have lived in peace and freedom!

Search for Animal conscience because human conscience is dead!

Rest in peace; God has mercy on your innocent soul my dear princess!

Article by AdrianaFXT