With Jerusalem residents fearful of riding the Light Rail after a wave of terrorist attacks, a group of brave young girls have committed to riding the entire train route, every night, while giving hope to fellow travellers on “The Zionist Train”. 

The girls are, in effect, warning terrorists that they are guarding Jerusalem’s Light Rail.

The recent wave of violence and terror attacks in Jerusalem has brought many to fear that the capital will be drawn into an upsurge of attacks akin to that experienced during the Second Intifada in 2000.

The fragile security situation has influenced some Jerusalem residents to refrain from exposing themselves to possible dangers on the street, such as riding the light-rail train system, which has been the target of numerous rock attacks by Arab assailants.

Bnei Akiva, a prominent Religious Zionist youth group, has decided to make a statement against this possible trend and has vowed not to succumb to terror.

Bnei Akiva youth leaders are riding the rail system every evening, waving Israeli flags and working to boost the spirits of Jerusalem’s residents. They say they are riding the “Zionist train.”

They also launched a social media-based solidarity campaign and are asking passengers on the train to take a photo with a sign that reads, “Together we are guarding Jerusalem.” The photo is then posted on Facebook, further spreading the good word on resistance against terrorism.

Author: United with Israel Staff