The Democrats need to find a new message other than their hate-filled, blame-everything-on-the-Republicans mantra.

It is February 28, 2017, and you know a Republican is in the White House because the word “racist” and anti-Semite is now trending on google. I don’t know what it is … (actually I do but let’s just say this for the purpose of this column), but a certain mental illness comes over all of my friends on the left when a Republican is in the White House.

It is like having a doll with one of those strings on it that says “racist” “racist” “racist” every time you pull it.   Had I not heard this since the time that Reagan was president I would think that it is new, but…

President H.W. Bush racist: Anti-Semite This even though he was instrumental in helping the Soviet Jews emigrate. OK, James Baker made the famous statement, “F.. the Jews they don’t vote for us anyway.” That was James Baker, not Bush… Of course Jesse Jackson called Jews ‘Hymies’, an ethnic slur that doesn’t mean that Jimmy Carter is an anti-Semite…Oops sorry, bad example, he is.

President G.W Bush racist … why?  No reason. In fact, he did more to give aid to Africa to combat aids than anyone. He received almost no credit for it.

Clinton?  He was the first “black President,” (as many on the left called him), however, if one looks at it from the viewpoint of the left, he was THE President who reformed (mostly cut) welfare.

He was THE President that came up with and signed the 3 strikes law, and the harsh laws against drug dealers that filled our prisons with African Americans for the past 20 years.

Barack Obama?  Okay, he was half black and half white. I guess the white half helped the unemployment rate skyrocket among black youth. The evil white half saw homicides, especially in cities like Chicago, among black youth skyrocket. The homicide rates are so high in Chicago that they are now reported along with the sports scores every evening. Chicago Cubs 2 NY Mets 1 and …. 14 more black people shot.

Many in the Jewish community have been ….. special. For the past 8 years anti-Semitism around the world, especially on college campuses, has been rising to epidemic proportions. An apocalyptic death cult in Iran has threatened mass genocide against Israel, which is thousands of miles from them. Proxies of this death cult of Shia Islam in the Gaza strip and Lebanon brag that they want Jews to gather from all around the world in Israel so that it would be easier to kill them all at once.

All this … and more … but wait … at least the Reform movement has essentially said and done … nothing. As a matter of fact the Reform movement, and many in our community followed the party line (not-Jewish Democratic one) by supporting the Iran deal. We can discuss the Iran deal in another column, but let’s just say that guaranteeing that a rogue genocidal regime getting $150 billion with which to fund their military and their proxies is probably not a great idea. Delaying them in the quest to get nuclear weapons 10 years is also probably not a great idea. Ten years to a regime like Iran is like 10 minutes in terrorist years.

So now the ADL (which used to be an important, credible organization) has led the attack on Trump since the campaign started. “He is a racist, an anti-Semite who sends out Nazi imagery.” Anti-Semitism has shown its ugly head mostly since Nov 7, 2016.  All I can say is WOW, what a coincidence (sarc). You mean to tell me that Donald Trump, who has been a longtime supporter of Israel, has a daughter who is Jewish, Jewish grandchildren, most of his friends are Jewish, hires and associates professionally with mostly Jews is an anti-Semite? Oh, sounds interesting. Instead of reading into dog whistles and code words, how about comparing that to actual anti-Semitic statements by Iran, and by many on the left as well. He would be the first anti-Semite in history to actually never say or make any anti-Semitic statements.

Who Profits from Jewish Graveyard Vandalism?

All of a sudden there is a tremendous campaign of threatening messages to Jewish centers and synagogues across the nation. Several graveyards have had stones destroyed. So the question that I have to ask you is: Cui Bono?  Who profits from this? Certainly not the right. The ADL and the left have been making this case now since Trump won. After all, it is not a stretch that the left uses identity politics to sway their emotionally overactive constituents.

We are asked to believe that avid Trump supporters don’t know about his Jewish family members, support, leanings? They don’t know about his support for Israel? That they are so happy that he won that they just have to, have to turn over some dead Jews’ gravestones?   Do you mean that some nutball far-right lunatics (yes, there are many, unfortunately) decided that Trump, who is pro-Jewish, pro-Israel and now president, has opened the doors for Jew-haters to commit these crimes?  I DON’T THINK SO. NOT BUYING IT, NO WAY JOSE.

So the fallback position from the left?  David Duke said the same thing. Just because that creepy, white supremacist Nazi said it doesn’t mean it isn’t true.  Are you going to tell me that some on the left are not capable of doing this?

Like I said, who benefits? Sure, there are crazy people, and then there are copycats, however, the vast proportion of anti-Semitism as a growth industry over the past 12 years has come from Muslims. Look it up. It is mostly in countries that have large refugee and immigrant populations from North Africa and other mainly Muslim countries.

There is the political correctness mania as well. A tennis announcer, Doug Adler, used the words “guerilla tactics” in describing Venus Williams and was promptly fired because ESPN said tht using the world “guerilla” (in their minds, gorilla) was racist. The term guerilla has been used in tennis and in other ways for decades. There was even a famous Nike ad that was called guerilla tennis. Mr. Adler filed suit against ESPN and has suffered a heart attack from the stress.

There are racists, for sure however there appear to be no racists in my soup.

Enough is enough. The Democrats, who have lost the Senate, the House, the presidency, many state legislatures and governorships, need to find a new message other than their hate-filled, blame-everything-on-the-Republicans mantra that they have been using. We are no longer buying it.

Article by Larry Levine

Originally from Long Island, New York, Larry Levine lives in Columbus Ohio. He is an award-winning businessman/pro-Israel activist, writer. Also a standup comedian and talk show host whose guests included Jay Leno, Alexander Haig and Paul Reiser.