Everysight cycling glasses' data. (Everysight/Elbit PR via Calcalist) (Everysight/Elbit PR via Calcalist)
Elbit cycling glasses

The glasses provide riders with real-time data such as heart rate, speed, distance and a built-in GPS system, and come equipped with Bluetooth speakers.

By Adi Pick, Calcalist

Does not knowing your heart rate while biking really grind your gears?

Haifa-based Everysight Ltd. develops augmented reality (AR) smart-glasses for cyclists. The glasses provide riders with real-time data such as heart rate, speed, and distance in a high-resolution, semi-transparent font, and come with a built-in GPS system.

Founded in 2014, Everysight is a consumer augmented reality company spun out of Israeli defense contractor Elbit Systems Ltd. The company’s founders gained experience at Elbit, where they worked on the company’s pilot helmet.

It is safer to view a semi-transparent display of the data projected in the visor than to look down away from the road phone, the company says on its website.

The glasses also have bluetooth speakers and a microphone, which enable riders to listen to music or pick up phone calls while keeping both hands on the handle-bars. Rides can use voice commands or use the touchpad located on the glasses’ right temple to alter their view, or control maps, volume, and brightness.

A built-in HD camera with voice and data overlay enable riders to capture, save and share their cycling adventures. All the captured information, such as heart rate, route, and speed, are uploaded to the company’s accompanying app and can be shared through social media or synced to outside fitness apps.

The glasses weigh 100 grams, and the company touts the glasses’ battery as lasting up to 8 hours without having to recharge.