A screenshot of the offensive TikTok video uploaded by Bradley Brooker. (screenshot) screenshot
tiktok anti-Semitism


TikTok received scores of complaints about the video and finally took it down.

By Shiryn Ghermezian, The Algemeiner

An anti-Semitic video that jokes about the tattoos given to prisoners at Nazi concentration camps during the Holocaust has been viewed over 600,000 times on the social media platform TikTok.

The clip is accompanied by a remake of “No Scrubs” by the pop group TLC. A man is shown entering a taxi cab under the subtitle “Jewish guy getting in my taxi,” followed by the driver asking for the passenger’s name. Another subtitle states that the passenger “Rolls up sleeve to check.” The driver then turns to the passenger and lip syncs the song’s lyric “No, I don’t want your number.”

@bradleybrooker1##fyp ##foryoupage ##4youpage ##viral ##justajoke ##darkhumour ##dontbemad♬ I dont want you no longer know – aesthetics.a

The video, uploaded on April 28 by a man in the United Kingdom named Bradley Brooker, has been “liked” over 63,000 times. In the video’s caption, Brooker added “#justajoke #darkhumour #dontbemad.”

Brooker said on Monday, “If you read through the comments on the video there have been Jewish people finding the funny side to it. It’s not me hating a religion — it’s just a joke.”

In the video’s comments, some TikTok users complimented Brooker’s “creative” and “hysterical” clip while others wrote “dont joke about that,” and “anti-Semitic much???”

The Jewish Chronicle reported that TikTok has “received numerous complaints about the video” since it was uploaded.



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