Although you can find almost any kind of food in Israel, there are many types of foods which are considered to be traditional Israeli food.

People tend to fall in love with the Israeli cuisine, as it is quite tasty and delicious. Wherever you go in the country, restaurants and cafes, food stands, supermarkets, and of course in real Israeli homes, you will find a Middle-Eastern style of scrumptious things to eat.

Some popular Israeli breakfast foods include:
1. Shakshooka- sautéed vegetables, typically onions and peppers, with tomato sauce and poached eggs

2. Borekas – baked goods made of pastry dough filled with potatoes, cheese, or vegetables

Some popular Israeli lunch/dinner foods include:
1. Pita Bread with hummus- a mashed chickpea spread
2. Falafel- deep fried balls of chickpeas, onions and some other ingredients, usually served in pita bread
3. Shnitzel- fried chicken cutlets, served with hummus and ketchup
4. Baba Ganoush- an eggplant spread
5. Shwarma- grilled meat, typically lamb, which is usually “shaved”, often enjoyed in pita or laffa bread

Some popular Israeli snack foods include:
1. Baklava- a sweet oily mixture of nuts and fruit in sweet pastry dough
2. Crepes- in many ice cream stores and food stands, you can find freshly made crepes available with fillings such as chocolate, maple, and fruit syrup

Some popular Israeli drinks include:
1. Coffee- like many people, Israelis love their coffee, typically with hot milk
2. Lemonana- mint lemonade, served freshly blended