Yeshiva Toras Chaim, Denver, Colorado (Wikipedia) (Wikipedia)
Yeshiva Toras Chaim, Denver

The incident was not labeled anti-Semitic at this point. Rather, police say it was part of a crime spree and are searching for the culprits.

By World Israel News 

A 19-year-old yeshiva student was shot dead late Tuesday night in front of Yeshiva Toras Chaim in Denver, Colorado, Yeshiva World News (YWN) reported.

A vehicle driving past the yeshiva opened fire and fled immediately, sources told YWN.

The victim was rushed to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The teen, who was studying in Denver, grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and has family in Lakewood, N.J., where the funeral will be held.

His identity has not yet been publicized.

The Denver Police Department is searching for three vehicles connected to the shooting, YWN reported.

The incident was not labelled as an anti-Semitic crime at this point. Police say it was a crime spree that began with a car-jacking and then a shooting in another location, where one person was critically injured. It ended with the shooting of the yeshiva student.

The suspects remain at large and are armed. Police are searching for three vehicles related to the crime spree.