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United with Israel has an English, Spanish and French page, and is NOW proud to present Unidos com Israel!

By David Aghiarian, Director, Unidos com Israel

Welcome to Israel! Bienvenido a Israel! Bienvenue en Israël!

And finally, we can say: Bem vindo a Israel.

Yes, this is Portuguese! United with Israel has an English, Spanish and French page, and is NOW proud to present Unidos com Israel!

For the past seven years, United with Israel has been sharing the latest and greatest news – and defending the truth – about the people, country and land of Israel.

Nowadays we are waging a daily battle against anti-Israel bias, BDS and outright anti-Semitism. With your support, we can continue to defend and promote the Jewish state in English, Spanish, French – and now, also in Portuguese.

The United with Israel team has a major mission: to defend Israel and spread the truth to billions of people around the world. Neither language barriers nor geographic separation will prevent us from pursuing this goal.

And so, we are taking another step forward to spread our message in multiple languages and show even more how Israel is a shining light in a dark region and a thriving democracy in the Middle East.

Our English-language page has almost six million followers and supporters! Our Spanish department is a great success, with over 900,000 and counting. Our French department is new, vibrant and making a big splash. And now we hope to reach the people of Brazil, Portugal, Angola and more.

The REAL Israel

Growing up in Brazil, I viewed Israel as a never-ending war zone. During my childhood, I heard about suicide bombers, buses exploding, rockets falling and military operations. I had no idea about the REAL Israel. But now that I know the truth, my personal mission is to spread the word far and wide.

If you ask Brazilians on the streets of Rio de Janeiro about Israel, they will likely describe the same war zone that was presented to me years ago. It’s high time to present Portuguese speakers with the facts.

With your help, we can show Israel´s best – its people, diverse culture, magnificent land, holy places, traditions, technological innovations, medical advances and – above all – the miracles that have enabled it not only to survive, but to thrive! We will promote education, inspiration, advocacy, investment, tourism, unity and peace.

I invite you to become a partner in this journey. Join millions of people worldwide who believe in Israel and are committed to helping us spread the miracles and defend the truth.

Help us to create a community of devoted allies in every corner of the world.

Help us make the world stand United with Israel!

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