Terror leader Marwan Barghouti in court. (Flash90) (Flash90)
Second Intifada

A U.S. federal judge will hear an anti-terror case against the Palestinian Authority. It is the first time such a case has been successfully brought against the PA.

A U.S. federal judge on Thursday will hear an anti-terror civil damages case against the Palestinian Authority, alleging that the PA personally funded suicide bombers during the Second Intifada.

The case, brought by Shurat HaDin (Israel Law Center) on behalf of the American families of 11 victims, will sue the PA and highlight its personal involvement in seven terror attacks between 2001 and 2004.

Funding International Terror

The plaintiffs state that the PA operatives involved already hold multiple criminal convictions for terrorist activity in Israeli courts. Additionally, each terrorist attack involved PA operatives who remained on the PA payroll.

After being convicted for terrorist involvement, these ’employees’ were later celebrated and glorified by the PA. Therefore, the PA is directly responsible for the actions of their employees, both of inciting terror and carrying out terrorist attacks.

“For years the PA provided funding and every measure of support for the murderous terrorist operations in Israel that devastated the country and left so many civilians dead,” stated Shurat HaDin founder Nitsana Darshan-Leitner.

This is the first time such a case has been successfully brought against the PA. It follows a unanimous verdict in September, with the ruling that the Jordan-based Arab Bank conducted business with Hamas-linked ‘charities’, violating U..S. anti-terrorism laws.

The PA had previously refused to settle publicly such cases brought against them, preferring instead to do so privately, out of court. The current case will also have open access to the PA’s internal files – including their intelligence dossiers and ‘martyrs’ files. As these files are typically hidden by the PA, uncommon for civil cases, some court documents will be censored to protect the identities of the PA operatives.

The plaintiffs and journalists are attempting to have the censor lifted, but the judge had already rejected this request.

The evidence being brought to trial includes the convictions made in Israeli courts against the PA operatives, as well as proof of payments made to and promotions of the operatives while in jail. It also includes statements made by PA officials which reveal PA incitement and approval of the attacks and provide evidence that the PA worked with Hamas, supplying personnel and bomb-making equipment.

A Partner for Peace?

If this case is successful, it should become clear to the international community that the PA is anything but a partner for peace. It would also set a precedent for dealing with future international terror cases and make a conviction more likely.

Preventing further attacks, especially in the current climate, is a priority. Foreign governments must stop funding the PA – for their own good.

The PA is funded by the US and the European Union. We MUST end this. Click here to sign our Petition demanding that the United States and European Union stop funding the Palestinian Authority.

Author: Felicity Kay, United with Israel