Blasts in Syria seen from the Israeli border on October 21, 2014. (Photo: Flash90) Blasts in Syria seen from the Israeli border on October 21, 2014. (Photo: Flash90)

Tuesday marked the three-month point since the launch of US airstrikes on Islamic State strongholds in Syria and Iraq, in which over a thousand terrorists died.

Tuesday marked the three-month point since the beginning of US airstrikes on Islamic State (ISIS, IS) strongholds in Syria and Iraq. According to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), which collects data from medics, advocates, analysts, and reporters on the ground, the US has targeted and killed 1,046 ISIS terrorists and 72 Al Qaeda members in air strikes over the war-torn countries.

US and Israel Fight ISIS Together

In the US-led fight, America and Israel have coordinated air strikes in Syria, with other coalition members following suit. On November 30, coalition members carried out 30 strikes at once, taking out 50 IS members. On December 7, Israeli warplanes took out advanced weapons systems in Syria headed for Hezbollah, including Russian anti-aircraft missiles and Iranian missiles.

The US and Israel have a long history of joint military cooperation against common enemies. US troops have trained alongside Israeli soldiers in the heart of the Jewish state numerous times, and the countries have longstanding, mutually beneficial weapons-trade agreements. The US Congress also recently passed a bill highlighting the alliance and affirming Israel as a ‘major strategic partner.’

On Saturday and Sunday, the US carried out an additional 13 strikes in Iraq and eight in Syria, the latter centering on the city of Khorbani. Kurdish and Yazidi fighters also fought IS in a battle to reclaim the city of Sinjar and to break the siege on its mountain. The city constitutes the majority of Yazidi land taken over by IS this past summer.

On Monday, the American coalition forces blasted IS with another 22 strikes, hitting strategic sites in both Iraq and Syria.

Fifty-two civilians also died in the strikes.

By: United with Israel Staff

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