United with Israel leaders met with Yuli Edelstein, Israel’s Minister of Diaspora Affairs and Public Diplomacy and agreed upon cooperation in the field of public relations for Israel.

United with Israel’s stated mission is to “promote worldwide unity with the people of Israel.” In its meeting with Yuli Edelstein, important channels of communication and cooperation were opened between United with Israel and an Israeli government ministry that is deeply involved in Israel’s public relations effort aimed at improving Israel’s image abroad.

United with Israel is committed to helping the State of Israel’s worldwide image by building a huge global pro-Israel community, in order to disseminate the truth about Israel. To date, United with Israel has over 630,000 supporters in its Facebook community alone, with members across the globe. Mr. Edelstein praised the PR work that UWI continues to do throughout the world on behalf of Israel.

“I’m very excited to hear about this tremendous pro-Israel social community and fully support your mission to help Israel – we share a common goal”, said Mr. Edelstein. He expressed support in providing critical information and communications for United with Israel to distribute to its community members and have it spread to their friends and their friends’ friends, etc.

“We look forward to a wonderful working relationship with Yuli Edelstein and the Ministry under his leadership”, said UWI’s Michael Gerbitz. Together, we can and will succeed in winning the public relations battle for Israel. We simply need to spread the truth and get the word out – and that’s exactly what social networking is all about. A major factor in worldwide anti-Israel sentiment is ignorance”.