United with Israel supporters have provided some relief to soldiers working around the clock in search of our kidnapped boys. Friends from around the world are encouraged to participate in the Bring Back Our Boys Emergency Campaign.

Hundreds of IDF soldiers are scouting the Hebron area for the three teenagers who were abducted exactly two weeks ago by Hamas. They are working around the clock, going house-to-house and searching every nook and cranny, including basements and caves, in enemy territory.

The work is exhausting and tedious; these dedicated, heroic soldiers continue their hunt throughout the night, with no breaks. Most of them have not had an opportunity to shower or to wash their clothing.

The generosity of United with Israel supporters has provided at least some comfort for our beloved troops. The Bring Back Our Boys Campaign will be ongoing for as long as the need exists, and friends of Israel are encouraged to participate.

The number of soldiers scouting the Hebron area is unprecedented and supplies were lacking. For example, many of them, after searching from approximately 11 pm on Wednesday night until 6 am, went to take a short rest in the yeshiva high school in neighboring Kiryat Arba, where there are no washing facilities.

Thanks to the concern of the UWI supporters, 520 soldiers who were brought to the Hebron area from the Golan to partake in the rescue mission were treated not only to cold drinks and ices in order to boost their morale, but also to fresh underwear and socks, which were badly needed.

Their gratitude was overwhelming. The material supplies were essential, but almost equally important was the emotional support; they felt loved and appreciated.

Next week UWI plans to give the soldiers hydration packs, which will enable them to carry more water than with regular canteens and to sip it as they move on.

This effort was made possible by “Standing Together” – an organization headed by David Landau that works closely with the army to determine the needs of the soldiers. (Photos courtesy Standing Together.)

Written by: United with Israel Staff


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