An Israeli company called SodaStream builds an environmentally sustainable product that allows for soda to be produced inside the home without having to waste many soda bottles. Jews, Israeli Arabs, Palestinians, and Druze all work together inside of this factory. Some of the Arabs have even reached management level positions within the company and the company provides Muslim worshipers within the company a prayer room, accompanied by break time so that they can pray.

Additionally, SodaStream offers Palestinians a livable salary that permits them to live a life full of dignity, something which many other Palestinian Authority-run jobs don’t provide. Yet, members of the BDS Movement seek for SodaStream to be shut down, even though it is an oasis of coexistence between Jews and Arabs in Judea and Samaria. The Palestinian workers at this factory are opposed to this, claiming that such attempts would take away one of the few means available for them to earn a decent salary.

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