Israel scientists are leading the push to end dependence on fossil fuels.

Researchers at companies and universities throughout Israel are working hard to make alternative energy sources cost-effective on a national scale.

One company on Israel’s Mediterannean coast is specializing in extracting the energy hidden in sea waves.

A Caesarea start-up is focused on allowing electric cars to charge wirelessly as they  travel on the highway, avoiding the need to stop and recharge.

Find out about these ideas and others as this short film spotlights ten Israeli companies revolutionizing the approach to energy.

Life-Saving ATVs Stop Terrorists Before they Attack Innocent Israelis

Palestinian attackers have terrorized Israelis with stabbings, shootings, bombings and car-rammings throughout Israel, with no end in sight.

Specialized, state-of-the-art, compact, all-terrain ATVs that maneuver in tight spaces are Israel’s “secret weapon,” designed to pursue and capture terrorists BEFORE they attack. Life-saving ATVs are desperately needed to protect communities throughout Israel. Please donate generously!