Artist Rafał Betlejewski speaks out against the recent outbreak of anti-Semitism in Poland, where a bill was recently passed whitewashing Polish complicity in Nazi atrocities.

The Polish Parliament and Senate approved a law that prohibits any references to Polish involvement in the Holocaust, severely hindering free speech and essentially censoring discussion of the Holocaust.

The bill prohibits describing Nazi death camps in Poland as “Polish,” and sets fines or a three-year jail term as punishment. The bill’s objective is to hide any Polish complicity in the Holocaust.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected the law as “baseless” and stated ”one cannot change history and the Holocaust cannot be denied.”

One very brave Polish artist and journalist, Rafał Betlejewski, paints Jewish graffiti to counter commonly scrawled anti-Semitic slurs as part of his mission to admit the “sins of Poland’s fathers” during the Holocaust and stand up for the truth.

Against Antisemitism in Poland

WHAT WAS POLAND'S ROLE IN WWII? A powerful review.An incredibly brave voice against the antisemitism in Poland following the recent bill whitewashing Polish antisemitism in WWII. Artist Rafał Betlejewski speaks out."From Poland with love," he writes.

Posted by StandWithUs on Sunday, February 18, 2018