Allen West (AP) (AP)
Allen West

If you really want to “free Palestine,” then give it back to the Jewish People!

US political commentator Allen West understands that the Land of Israel belongs to the People of Israel – the Jewish People.

West, a retired US army colonel and former member of the US House of Representatives,  completely destroys the narrative of anti-Israel activists who chant “Free Palestine.”

Within a few seconds, he cites a major episode in Jewish history and the land of Israel, saying that the Romans changed the name of “Judea” to Palestine.

Therefore, West says, If you really want to free Palestine, then give it back to the Jewish people.

How to really free Palestine

Allen West: "You want to free Palestine? Give it back to the Jewish people". Please shareקולונל אלן ווסט: "רוצים לשחרר את פלסטין? תחזירו אותה לעם היהודי". נא לשתף

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