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Donald Trump on Yom Hashoah to World Jewish Congress

“We must stamp out prejudice and anti-Semitism” and take seriously the threats from a regime threatening Israel’s destruction, Trump said in a Yom Hashoah message to the World Jewish Congress.

In an address to the World Jewish Congress on the occasion of Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, US President Donald Trump praised the “unbreakable spirit of the Jewish people” and vowed that “America stands strong with the State of Israel.”

Lamenting the pain and horror of the Holocaust and the loss of six million Jews – two-thirds of the Jews of Europe – Trump marveled that only decades later, we see a “proud Star of David waving above the State of Israel, a symbol of Jewish perseverence.”

America is determined not to disregard the warnings of our times, not to ignore terrorism and not to ignore threats from a regime threatening Israel’s destruction, the US leader said, referring to Iran. “Never Again!”