Neo-Nazis in Germany. (AP/Uwe Lein) (AP/Uwe Lein)
Neo-Nazis in Germany


A 60-year-old German man harassed a Jewish restaurant owner spewing the most shocking and disgusting anti-Semitic epithets.

Since President Donald Trump made his Jerusalem announcement this month, a series of anti-Semitic attacks have taken place in Europe, indicating that anti-Semitism on the continent could be getting worse.

On December 9th in Gothenburg, Sweden, a group of masked men attempted to set fire to a synagogue. A few days later, a second arson attack occurred at a Jewish cemetery in Malmö, where there were reportedly calls for “intifada” and violent, anti-Semitic shouting at a demonstration. In Amsterdam, a man holding a Palestinian flag smashed the windows of a kosher restaurant.

Watch this 60-year-old German man harassing a Jewish restaurant owner in Berlin spewing the most shocking and disgusting things including “you will all go back to the gas chambers.”

It makes us wonder, is this Germany of 2017 or 1935?!

German Antisemitic Man

Germany, 2017: Shocking and disgusting antisemitism in Berlin! A 60-year-old German man was videotaped harassing a Jewish restaurant owner and shouting things like "You will all go back to the gas chambers."

Posted by StandWithUs on Sunday, December 24, 2017

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