Children standing at attention in a safe room during an air raid siren warning of a rocket attack. (Orit Sharabi Cohen/Facebook) Orit Sharabi Cohen/Facebook
standing at attention

“Cute and scary at the same time!” tweeted Emily Schrader, in posting this video:

Israelis stand at attention for sirens that sound throughout the country on Holocaust Remembrance Day and Memorial Day for Israel’s Fallen Soldiers and Terror Victims (Yom Hazikaron in Hebrew). These ccasions were marked last Thursday and this coming Wednesday, respectively.

In between the two, many Israelis found themselves confronted with air raid sirens from Friday night through Sunday due to hundreds of rocket attacks fired from the Gaza Strip.

The sirens are sounded differently: those on the memorial days are a steady wail, while the air raid sirens have rising and falling sounds.

Still, some children were confused over the weekend, and instead of running to a safe room, they stood at attention when a siren warned of an incoming projectile.