Elizabeth Taylor was one of the most beloved actresses in history, but did you know that she was also a huge supporter of Israel?

British-American actress Elizabeth Taylor (1932-2011) was known around the world for her brilliant performances as well as her passionate activism.

Less widely known about the stunning actress were her tireless activities on behalf of the Jewish state.

Taylor did not merely support Israel in words, but she also used personal funds to purchase numerous Israel Bonds. She even went as far as to try and switch places with Israeli hostages during Operation Entebbe in 1976.

Elizabeth Taylor will always be remembered as a true and brave friend of Israel and the Jewish People.

Lover and supporter of Israel, Elizabeth Taylor is well known for her movies, but did you know about all the incredible work she did for the State of Israel? Taylor has stood up for Israel until her very last day! Just a few years ago this week, we lost a true friend of Israel. May her memory continue to be a blessing!

Posted by StandWithUs on Thursday, March 29, 2018