Ramat Hanadiv in northern Israel is home to Israel’s first “eTree” – a solar powered station designed to look like a tree.

The first solar-powered station designed to look like a tree provides users with a free Wi-Fi spot charging station, seating and cool drinking water.

The eTree will be hitting other cities in Israel and the plan is for it to be released globally. Here is a video to show the functionality of the “tree”.

The eTree, which was just installed in the Ramat Hanadiv, is the first of its kind, but the prototype’s designers hope that soon the combination Wi-Fi spot, charging station and seating, will go global.

Promoting Environmental Awareness and Sustainability

“Our aim is that in the future there will be eTrees all over Israel and worldwide,” Michael Lasry of Sologic said. “eTree is a social enterprise that aims to promote environmental awareness and sustainability, to create a link between the community environment.”

Already Sologic has orders for two more trees to be installed in Nice and Shanghai, and Lasry envisions that as the number of eTrees grows worldwide, the innovative design will help facilitate a new, fun form of international communication.

“Every tree has a monitor connected through the Wi-Fi, providing information on the energy generated by the system and geographical information about the specific site. So people sitting there in Nice can see and exchange information with people sitting at an eTree in Israel or China or anywhere else,” he explained.

Immunity to Harsh Climate and Vandalism

He also said that the eTrees, which cost between $20,000 and $100,000 and rely on solar generated power from its leaves, are built tough to withstand a variety of climates and deter would-be vandals.

They are also intended for the public to interact with green technologies and others in new and fun way while spreading awareness of solar energy.

“It’s like Abraham’s tent, sitting at a junction where you can enter from any side,”  Lasry said, comparing the eTree to the forefather’s tent of welcome. “It doesn’t ask you any questions; you just sit down and recharge your mobile and your soul, relax and have a cool drink.”

Credit: jspacenews.com