David Ben-Gurion and Frank Sinatra in 1962 (Wikipedia) (Wikipedia)
David Ben-Gurion and Frank Sinatra in 1962

Frank Sinatra, one of the most famous American musical celebrities of the 20th century, never forgot Israel or his Jewish babysitter.

Frank Sinatra was well known for his strong support and activism for Jewish causes in the United States and for the State of Israel, even earning him a spot on the Arab League’s “blacklist” as part of its Israel boycott.

An active fundraiser for Israel Bonds, Hebrew University and other Israeli institutions, Sinatra also participated in Hollywood protests supporting Jews during the Holocaust.

Sinatra used to wear a mezuzah-shaped charm around his neck, as did many Jewish youth. The mezuzah was a gift from his Jewish neighbor, Mrs. Golden, who babysat him and spoke to him in Yiddish while his mother worked.

After the Yom Kippur War, Sinatra announced he was personally giving $250,000 to Israel Bonds “in memory of my parents’ neighbor, Mrs. Golden, in Hoboken.”

Enjoy this short clip showing how Sinatra, an American born to Italian immigrants, was United with Israel.

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