In a shocking, anti-Semitic diatribe, a Gaza Imam pulls out a knife and demands that Arabs go out and slit the throats of as many Jews as they can.

We have seen many violent videos asking Muslims to slaughter Jews but this one is the scariest we have seen so far.

It was reported that after this sermon, Arabs in Gaza rushed the border to enter Israel and kill Jews, resulting in Arab casualties (which Israel was blamed for).

The video below has English subtitles. We are grateful that MEMRI has provided the translation so that the world understands the kind of incitement that Arabs are hearing every day.

After you watch the video below, scroll down for instructions on how to demand that this video in Arabic be removed from YouTube immediately.


ACT NOW: Tell YouTube to remove the video!

1) Click this link to play the Youtube video in Arabic –>

2) Once on Youtube (need to be connected to a Youtube/Google account), click on “More” under the video/title.

3) Click on “Report”

4) Choose “Violent or repulsive content”

5) Choose “Promotes terrorism”

6) Enter a personal message to YouTube (optional)

7) Click “Submit”

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