One dramatic moment led to five years of IDF humanitarian missions for Syrians.  

For over five years, the IDF provided medical services to over 7,000 injured Syrians and humanitarian aid to thousands more.

Israel helped because it’s the right thing to do. The unique mission was called Operation Good Neighbor.

Since its inception, the IDF provided Syrians in need with 22 generators, 40 vehicles, 281,798 gallons of fuel, 646 temporary housing units, over 1,740 tons of food, 48,933 boxes of baby formula, 8,173 packages of diapers, 350 tons of clothing, and 14,000 hygienic products.

Furthermore, the IDF supplied 2,124 containers of medicine and 25,726 boxes of medical supplies, which helped the 685 Syrian children who received medical care.

This is the story of how it came into being.